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2in Upright 6-10ft

2in wide Slip Fit Upright. Adjustable height from 6ft to 10ft. 

The Slip-Collar Upright­ adjusts to the desired height by just adjusting the inner pipe upward. It works on an internal ball-bearing system, as you raise the inner pipe the weight locks the upright into place. To release, and lower back down, simply raise the inner pole to release the pressure, lift the ring and guide the inner pipe down. 

Disclaimer: The telescoping upright requires careful handling and transporting. The collar mechanism that controls the adjustability must remain protected. If dropped or not appropriately stored, internal components can become damaged, affecting its ability to adjust.

See our Church On Wheels storage cart below. 

Easy to adjust to the desired height
No tools required
Laser Etched, height markers at the foot and half-foot increments