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Latest News

With the easing of stay at home orders in California, Texas and North Carolina, we are back to full operation as of 5/2020. While this launch season is unlike any we’ve been a part of before, we are starting to see facilities open back up and accept churches with open arms. It is a welcome & encouraging sight!

We are also back to full consultation on new church plants and Multi Sites. Virtual consultations, for obvious reasons, have become much more popular and they are also a fantastic deal, with a net cost of only $95.00. We are available via Zoom, Apple FaceTime, Teams, Google Hangout, or Skype for virtual meetings with your church team. To schedule a Call or find out more Contact Us Here

With the country-wide shutdown and shelter in place there have been some notable changes. First, is the increase in lead times across the board. This does not effect all manufacturers. However, to stay on track, we are recommending a longer production timeline for full projects. Second, we are all trying to stay more aware of cleanliness and trying to keep from spreading the virus. So, we have been adding more products to our website and catalog specifically for sanitization. It is being updated weekly and you can find them in our hospitality section of the store. Hospitality

We also have a slew of options for continued online church operations. We have all the video and audio streaming equipment you might need, plus many things that will help you improve the quality of your presentation and message, including INCREDIBLY priced LED walls! Video Streaming

Please, give us a call at 800.270.7982 or email us at