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About Us

Church On Wheels

We manufacture and produce hundreds of products that help streamline the mobile church process. Our goal is to help your church setup and teardown as quickly and efficiently as possible. This helps reduce volunteer burnout and allows you to focus on what God has called you to do... build His Kingdom!

The heart of Church on Wheels is not the carts nor other products we offer. Our creation was born from a challenge from our founder's pastor to use his talents to help build the kingdom. This, in turn, led to a string of perfectly placed, ideally suited and talented individuals that formed out the company. The heart of Church on Wheels is our staff and the passion we have to help mobile churches succeed. The majority of our staff has weekly working experience in a volunteer mobile church environment. We are simply using our talents and expertise in our service to the Lord to help minimize challenges you may have, so you can reach as many people as possible.

We don't have your talents to teach the message, but we can help make that message more effective and efficient.

We operate & deliver out of Madera, CA, Dallas, TX and Charlotte, NC to best serve you as close to your home as possible.

Mobile Carts

The Church On Wheels Carts are some of the most useful purpose built carts available to church planters. We are currently on our 4th design Generation, but most of our 15+ year old Generation 1 carts are still in weekly service. All Church On Wheels Carts are made of high strength American steel framework and ATA spec Kydex skins.

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Portable Stage

Our Hercu'Runner portable stage folds up in a compact flat area and it is easy to load on to our stage carts. Our stage IS the EASIEST stage to setup and tear-down... so easy that only one person is needed. Traditional stage takes at least two or three people to setup due to the fact that stage decks are seperate from the legs and one person needs to put the legs in place and two people need to CARRY the stage to the legs. This is a huge mobile church NO-NO. Our stage has legs with integrated wheels attached to the deck. For further details & a setup video, please see below. Shop Stage Now

We also make our own trailer modifications for Church trailers. These modifications can be read about here Trailer Modifications