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This Product is made to order and is therefore subject to manufacturing lead times. Please see below for Today's Estimated Lead Time.

Hercu'Runner Portable Stage


Our Hercu'Runner portable stage is one of the strongest mobile stages on the market. The stage has attached legs that fold into the stage, and each stage deck has two wheels* on it making it very portable. This stage IS the EASIEST stage to setup and tear-down, so easy that only one person is needed. Traditional stage takes at least two or three people to setup because the stage decks are separate from the legs and one person needs to put the legs in place and two people need to CARRY the stage to the legs. This is a NO-NO in portable churches. Our stage has the legs attached to the decks, and the legs have wheels on them. This allows you to setup the entire stage area with one person. There are even more features that make this the best portable stage for mobile churches, see below.

Our portable stage comes in a variety of options. The deck sizes are 4' x 4', 3' x 8' , or 4'x 8'. You chose from hardboard, carpet, or polypropylene surfaces. The polypropylene comes in black and grey, and the carpet comes in grey, green, red, tan, charcoal, and blue.

Every Hercu'Runner stage is made with high quality steel and 3/4" Luan Mirante plywood. We do NOT use any particleboard... it's not even allowed in our shop! These quality parts make a stage deck that can hold 250lbs per square foot, that means our 4' x 8' stage decks can hold 8,000 lbs !!

Want to attach skirting to your stage for that professional look? We have designed a recessed section in the side rail just for velco. This way you can leave the velco on and not worry about it ripping off every time you move your stage. See related Products Below for Skirting.

Lead time is 4-5 weeks 

  • Faster and Easier setup = Happier Volunteers
  • Tool-Free Connection of Stage
  • Recessed channel for Velcro skirting
    (skirting & Velcro not included)
  • Factory Direct Prices
  • 250lb/sqft support (even distribution)
  • Better Construction Quality
  • 15 Year Warranty

*3'x8', 4'x4' stage and 8" tall stage does NOT have wheels on the legs

*Todays Date is Sunday, May 26. If this product is ordered today, the estimated ship date would be Thursday, July 25. If you need this product to ship sooner we do offer rush processing and production, please call for more information.