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Clips, Hooks, Magnets for Hanging Drape

Pack of Hanging Clips and Hooks or Magnets for Scuba and Hanging Drape. Select either Clips or Magents above. 

The Clips are our 1in plastic clip that attached to a grid ceiling track. The clips normally stay in the ceiling and make an easy point to hang from with an S hook. The S hook is included with the clips. 

The Magents are magnetic 1in hooks, that can snap on to metal tracks easily. These to not require an S hook, but do require a good metal track. They will not work on Aluminum tracks. 

Each pack is designed for our scuba drape kits. Match the pack to the length of your Scuba or Printed Drape. The 10 pack is for 10ft of drape length. 

Works with Scuba, Hanging Drape, and Printed Drape with Grommets.