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Production Phase

The production phase begins after your site visit and proposal have been completed and your approved proposal has been converted to an order. During this phase we begin fabricating and assembling your carts, stage (if ordered), and the trailer modification package used to transform your trailer from simple utility trailer to a mobile church trailer. All of these are manufactured by Church On Wheels at our manufacturing headquarters in Madera, California. Any equipment not manufactured by Church On Wheels or already in stock is ordered specifically for your system and shipped to one our three centrally located North America distribution centers. Final assembly and product testing is performed by our staff at the distribution centers to ensure everything in the system is in working order prior to system delivery.

After equipment has been assembled and tested, it is organized and loaded onto carts according to its function within the church. Every product has a home, either in a bin, on a shelf in a cart, or simply on the trailer. Then the trailer is loaded according to the layout plan. The trailer layout is carefully planned, taking into consideration the weight and balance of the trailer (front to back and side to side) and where each cart is used within the church. Heavier equipment or equipment that takes longer to set up or tear down is loaded toward the rear of the trailer while lighter and less complex elements are loaded toward the front.

Careful planning and a systematic approach helps your team handle the job as efficiently and effectively as possible. In a typical system, the trailer should unload in less than 3 minutes and carts should be in the building and ready for setup in another three to five minutes.

The above production phase is according to a full service system.