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Proposal Process

Proposal Process

The Church On Wheels proposal process is a collaborative effort between a Church On Wheels consultant and your project team. Once the Site Visit is complete, your consultant will use all the information gathered and work directly with you and your team to design a custom solution for your mobile church. You will receive a layout of each area within the church and a detailed proposal with items broken out by category throughout the entire system so you have a clear picture of exactly what is included and the associated costs.

After presenting the system to you in proposal form, we’ll review the system with you, discuss why we chose each item, proposed usage for each item and how it will help you. Church On Wheels wants you to know that every piece of equipment in the system has a function and purpose. For example, you WILL NOT find a single line item and a lump sum for “extension cords – various lengths” in your proposal. You WILL see extension cords dedicated for specific usage throughout the entire system and the quantity and unit price for each. That way, Church On Wheels maintains our core values of transparency and stewardship and you know that you have purchased nothing more and nothing less than what is needed to ensure the success of your mobile church system. Beyond the system itself, we make sure that every piece of equipment has a secure and safe home on a cart or rolling case and that each cart or case has a dedicated space in your trailer.

We will continue to review and revise the proposal with you to ensure that it will meet your functional and budgetary requirements and that the system we deliver is a reflection of your unique priorities, values and culture. The end result is a mobile church system that fits your immediate needs and goals with room to grow in the future, with either extra room on the trailer for additional carts or empty space on shelves or in bins for all those items that may need to be added down the road.

When the proposal is ready, we will convert the proposal to an order. From that point on Church On Wheels is hard at work in the Production phase saving you time and money assembling and preparing your complete system for delivery.