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Site Visit

Church on Wheels offers both on-site consultation and virtual consultation via video conference call to support your church planting endeavor.

What is a Site Visit?

A site visit is a consultation with your staff and a Church on Wheels Consultant. We have two standard forms of the site visit: the Traditional On-site Visit that is a day long visit at your location, and the Virtual Site Visit, that is a Facetime or Skype Based Consultation . During both types of site visits we discuss all areas of the church and how Church On Wheels can help design and produce a Complete Mobile Solution for your new church or multi-site location. We discuss the vision you have for your church, and how you would like those who attend to feel when they join you each week. We are here to find creative and cost effective ways to accomplish these goals.

During the Traditional Site Visit, we first meet with your staff and talk about your vision, church culture, location, and many of the general details of a mobile church. After that meeting we typically perform a walk through on location. While on location, we take measurements and photos of each room and talk about the design ideas for that area. Your Church On Wheels consultant will address key issues and obstacles with alternative ideas, or solutions to what may seem like a daunting task. We are constantly looking out for anything that will hinder the setup/tear-down, logistics, or aesthetics of the church.

Virtual Site Visit has the same core idea of the Traditional Site Visit but is all done via video conference calls. Therefore, we will rely on your staff to take measurements and photos of each area and accurately relay them to Church On Wheels Staff. This version of the site visit is great for churches that have used Church On Wheels before and are familiar to the process or are on a very tight timeline or budget.

While we are planning and discussing the possibilities of your vision, we are keeping a careful eye on your budget. As people who understand how the whole project is shaping up, we can quickly tell when shopping lists are getting out of line with the reality of the situation. We always strive to hit your goal, and do our best to frame the conversations with the budget in mind. We look at what we do as a ministry, and we strive to make the best use of Kingdom Funds.

Once the site assessment is completed our staff will create a very specific proposal with a layout map and items broken out by each area of the church, so you get a real picture of what everything is going to look like and cost. For example, we WILL NOT say you need 15 power extension cords, we WILL say you need 3 cords on stage, 2 in the entry area, 1 in the nursery, 3 at front of house, etc. You will also receive a breakdown of volunteer requirements to complete setup & teardown as well as a tithes and offerings estimate based your specific demographics & critical barriers that you may face.

What does it Cost?

Traditional Site Visit

The on-site Church On Wheels consultation fee is $679.37 plus expenses, for a one-day visit. Expenses cover travel for your consultant and will vary based on availability and distance to your location. We know that you need every dollar possible to help plant a church, and we would like to help. That’s why your Traditional Site Visit comes with a $300 credit towards any future order with Church on Wheels. The net cost to you, for our on site consultation services, after placing an order is only $379.37 plus the associated travel expenses.

Virtual Site Visit

The Church On Wheels Virtual Site Visit fee is $361.11 for a Facetime, Zoom or Skype consultation lasting up to 4 hours. Just like with our traditional on site consulting, we want to help plant churches. That’s why we offer a $200 credit towards any further order with Church on Wheels. The net cost to you, for our Virtual Site Visit, after placing an order is only $161.11!

"I saved a ton having Church on Wheels come out on site. They made recommendation on equipment I was about to buy and saved me thousands...I would definitely recommend having Church on Wheels come out to your church, before you do anything else!!"