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Continued Support

Continued Support

Church On Wheels support continues well beyond the delivery of a full mobile system or your launch day. We offer phone and email support for any product we sell, including troubleshooting an issue or just helping to integrate or configure new equipment. This support is something you won’t get from an online retailer. Church On Wheels will help make sure you have the right equipment and the right parts to make it all work together seamlessly. Whether a product is found to have a flaw or defect within the manufacturer’s warranty period or damage occurs to equipment beyond the warranty period, Church On Wheels will offer assistance in getting the product repaired or replaced by contacting the manufacturer on your behalf to get the process started. We have built great relationships with manufacturers over the years. As a result, we may even be able to get an advanced replacement for equipment, minimizing or eliminating disruptions to your weekly routine.

Church On Wheels can also help by supporting your church’s growth and evolution over time. Churches are dynamic entities and mobile churches are certainly no exception. Our systems are designed to be flexible, adaptable and augmentable. Church On Wheels can continue to be a trusted partner in your system’s evolution by helping you overcome some of the most common obstacles to growth and change as well as helping you solve issues that are unique to your situation. We get calls and emails every week from churches we have helped in the past who look to us to provide the equipment needed to meet the ever-changing demands of church members, leaders and volunteers. From additional signage and kids supplies to video mixers, audio cables, microphones and personal monitoring systems, we supply the tools you’ll need to facilitate the continued success of your church.

For more information, please contact a sales associate at 800-270-7982.