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Church on Wheels offers onsite consulting and training services for your mobile church.


System delivery normally occurs over the course of a weekend. A team of Church On Wheels delivery consultants will work with your volunteers to ensure that they have the knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently operate all equipment and utilize the mobile solutions designed by Church On Wheels to their maximum potential.

Day one of your delivery weekend begins with an orientation and a complete explanation of the goals for the day. There is an emphasis on methodology, safety and proper handling of the equipment. Church On Wheels will guide your volunteers through two complete setup and teardown cycles with breaks throughout the day to discuss best practices, make adjustments and answer questions. During these setup and teardown cycles our sound engineers will also work with your worship team to create the sound that best fits your Church's worship style covering, among other things, speaker placement, room equalization, and effects processing.

Day two of your delivery weekend consists of a complete setup and teardown cycle that represents, as closely as possible, a “normal” weekend for your church and your volunteers. This may include a complete service that is open to the public, a preview service for friends, family and invited guests or a small, abbreviated service to dedicate the system and thank your team of volunteers for their commitment to serve.

The primary goal of your delivery weekend is for your volunteer staff to achieve a comfort level with the entire system that gives them the confidence to direct your weekly services. Remember, our training staff will be with you to provide the guidance and support needed to achieve this goal.


Church On Wheels training and consulting teams range from 1 to 3 consultants, depending on your needs. A two-person team consisting of a tech consultant and a system specialist is most common. The onsite training and consulting fee for a team of two for two days is $1,450.00 plus travel expenses

For more information, please contact a sales associate at (800)270-7982.